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This site was designed for busy Seattlites to help them easily navigate EVERY Seattle area property for sale in the NWMLS.

Therese Bianchi | Keller Williams Realty SeattleI'm very proud of what we've built here and what we have to offer you as your one-stop resource to help you find and sell your most precious financial asset.

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Therese Bianchi | Keller Williams Realty Seattle

Our goal is to provide meaningful information about the dynamic Seattle neighborhoods that makes this part of the world such a fantastic place to call home!

Within each of the featured neighborhoods, you can use this site to virtually visit hundreds of condos and homes from the comfort of your couch or desk!

My intention is to operate this site in an information-rich, low-pressure, user-friendly environment. We do not believe in forced registration or only giving you a limited number of searches before you have to give us your personal information...that's not the way I do things!

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you might have about the Seattle Real Estate Market or any of my services.

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